Totally Tennis Magazine February 2015 Issue

Totally Tennis Magazine - Bob Benkaim - February 1, 2015

Get to Know Our Top Local Juniors: This Issue… Top Ranked Local Girls 12s

Nikki Yanez’s training is unique in that she spends 4 times the amount of time
training away from the tennis court and trains 20 hours in gymnastics, 5 hours in soccer
and 5 hours in swimming a week. Nikki does her tennis training with Denys Maasdorp
and Andrew Burrow at the Sarasota Racquet Club. Nikki’s recent tournament
accomplishments include: winning two Florida G12s Designated (L5) tournaments,
winning two G16s local tournaments, and a 3rd place finish at the recent December
Florida Sectional in Daytona in G14s.